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sound icon Betty: "I admit it. I'm an addicted addict!"

sound icon Betty: "So you too are hooked!"

sound icon Betty: "Oh, Mr. Sanders, the butterfly shrimp are so comfortable when I'm interrogating the splendid tenements."

sound icon Betty: "You're bad news, Sherwood."

sound icon Celia: "Hi-hi!"

sound icon Celia: "Hello, you're on the air at WENN and It's Your Nickel."

sound icon WENN Episode Closing Riff

sound icon Mr. Eldridge: "It's been decapitated!"

sound icon Mr. Eldridge: "Understood Completely."

sound icon Hilary: "And I'm Hilary Booth, of course."

sound icon Hilary: "Sleepy, snoozy, warm and woozy dreamland."

sound icon Jeff: "That's it. She's not coming around."

sound icon Mackie: "And now, for our regularly scheduled program."

sound icon Mackie: "Working ridiculous hours for next to nothing is our job."

sound icon Rolly Pruitt: "Buy barley futures."

sound icon Rupert Holmes as Announcer: "At the tone, Broome Brothers time will be Thursday."

sound icon Scott: "Feathers..."

sound icon Scott: "Hey, Betty, I love you."

sound icon Scott: "I told you you could trust me when it comes to who you can't trust."

sound icon Scott: "Naw, just looking!"

sound icon Scott: "Oh, What the hell..."

sound icon Scott: "Oh, will you look at the time."

sound icon Scott: "Very exciting."

sound icon Scott: "Oh, Betty, Betty, will you trust me to decide who's cheating who here?"

sound icon Victor: "I'm worried about that combination of pixie and moxie."

sound icon Victor: "You're not dreaming."

sound icon WENN Chime

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