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Hello! I hope you enjoyed my Remember WENN site. Below is a link to say hello or ask a question. I always like hearing from people who enjoy this wonderful series!

Please make sure your subject line doesn't look like it might be a spam subject. I accidentally deleted a letter about one of my pages recently because the subject line looked like it might be spam.

Also, you must remove the REM0VETHIS before you e-mail the message or it will bounce. We have been forced to do this as an anti-spam measure.

You'll be disappointed if you write to me asking about videos or DVDs of Remember WENN. There are no DVDs planned, according to AMC, or as we call them over on the newsgroup and mailing list, the "Ape Movie Channel." But a written, stamped Post Awful piece of mail asking for DVDs couldn't hurt; maybe they'll get the message. Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award "consideration" videotapes do turn up on E-bay occasionally. Do a search on "wenn" and be prepared to search through German posts!

Looking forward to hearing from you!        . . . . . Linda at "Flying Dreams"

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