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WENN dividing line

Abernathy, Charles—representative of the Gimlet Guide to World Records, which will be monitoring WENN's marathon broadcast
Abraham, Jake—owner of the Abraham Lincoln-Ford car dealership
Abraham Lincoln-Ford—dealership Scott hopes to become a spokesperson for (as Abe Lincoln) in return for one of their cars; owned by Jake Abraham
Acton Anthracite Coal—fuel company owned by Mr. Acton, the sponsor for Rance Shiloh, U.S. Marshall and Crime Breakers
Acton, Mr.—head of Acton Anthracite Coal, he likes "slam-bang" violent programming like Westerns and private detective series
AFRA—the [then] American Federation of Radio Artists, to which Scott says he belongs (presumably the other cast members do as well)
Agitato Alert—all-night program hosted by Eugenia for several months, featuring news, music, and commentary, and sponsored by Agitato Coffee
Agitato—Italian coffee being pushed by Mr. Medwick of Pennsylvania Pantry; it's extremely caffeinated
albatross—Betty and Hilary find this stuffed creature in the writer's room the night of the "Don't Look Now" rebroadcast; it's actually owned by C.J.
Aldwych Academy of Drama—run by Giles Aldwych, assisted by a fellow named Morris, and located over a Chinese restaurant, it costs $79.50 to attend
Aldwych, Giles—Hilary's former acting teacher and her mentor, he's aristocratic, but has a possible drinking problem; he knows nothing about radio broadcasting and doesn't understand why the cast is so "lifeless" at their microphones
"All's Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front"—Episode 56 (Season 4, Episode 13: fourth season finale)
Altoona, PennsylvaniaTed E. Peck finds Kiss of the Rajah in the closet of an editing house in this city; it is also Eugenia's home town
Amateurs on Parade—program Betty creates to fill in programming after WENN's recorded programming is destroyed while the staff is at a radio convention
Amazon Andy decoder shield—a children's toy used as a giveaway by Holstrom Construct-O-Sets; with it kids decode the secret message at the end of Amazon Andy
Amazon Andy—adventure series starring Captain Amazon (Mackie), who battles the forces of evil around the world; his sidekick is Kippy (Jeff) and later Binkie (Scott)
American Junior Ambassador—Scott told Aunt Agatha he held this position while he lived in London
American Way Greeting Cards—sponsors of the series World of Tomorrow (and once The Hands of Time)
Amorous Airwaves—Celia auditions for and gets a bit part in this movie, produced by Trevor Zanish, which takes place in a radio station
"And How"—Episode 40 (Season 3, Episode 14)
"And If I Die Before I Sleep"—Episode 47 (Season 4, Episode 4)
"And Then Some"—torch song sung by Eugenia for the members of Phin Parkinton's lodge when the staff does a burlesque show to raise $1000 for the Winthrops' Orphans' Home
Armaganson, Roscoe K.—Scott tries using this alias to fool process server Cribby Menlo; he claims he is Coordinating Supervisor of Partitions, Pacific Landfill, Department of Loam
"Armchair Detective"—Episode 8
Armchair Detectives—a series in which Mackie and Jeff play Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes, respectively; after participating in a fictional mystery, they talk to real life law officials about crimes
Arnold, Jonathan—strident Western-accented American working for the German shortwave service, he is urging Americans to stay out of the war raging in Europe and is nicknamed "Benedict" Arnold for his efforts; Betty discovers that Arnold is in reality Victor Comstock operating undercover for the military; his cover is eventually broken (perhaps by Pavla Nemkova)
"At Cross Purposes"—Episode 55 (Season 4, Episode 12)
Aunt Agatha—see Finch, Agatha Sherwood

Babberly, Lord Fancourt—character played by Jeff in a production of Charley's Aunt; he must dress up like a woman in his role to play the aunt of his friend Charley
Baby Sweetums—character Norma Dismal played on radio
Ballinger, Alan—mentalist who does a guest appearance on Magic Time; Maple first met him as Alan Brixton while working as a fan dancer in the Velvet Vanities
banana oil—Mr. Foley is allergic to this substance, which was an ingredient in his birthday cake
Barbican Hotel for Single Woman—Betty's place of residence
Barrel of Grease Monkeys, A—idea for a comedy series about two mechanics suggested by Fred Hanson
Barrymore, John—celebrated Broadway and Hollywood actor that Hilary has hinted at (more than once) having an intimate relationship with
BBC Northern Broadcasting—they broadcast Gil Martin's show, Martin's Melodies
Be a TV-Wright—book Gertie is using in her television writing course at the YMCA
Becky—heroine of the country drama This Girl's Kinfolk, she has recently gotten married
Bedlow, Mr.—auditions to be Eugenia's backup, but he can only play the songs he learned in the skating rink
Bedrosian sisters—twin sisters who appeared on the vaudeville circuit, known (perhaps too well!) by both Pepper Canarsie and Mr. Eldridge; according to Mr. Eldridge, they're not exactly identical
Bedside Manor—breakfast series hosted by Jeff and Hilary as themselves, where they praise their sponsors' coffee (Ingrams) and chat about their "everyday lives"; their butler, who later leaves for England to help in the war effort, is Travers (Mackie), possibly replaced by Calvin (also Mackie), Eugie the maid (played by Eugenia), and Simmons the gardener (played by Scott)
Bedside Serenade—late night series on WENN just before sign-off, featuring soothing music to sleep by
"Behind Every Great Woman"—Episode 20 (Season 2, Episode 7)
Beguines from Studio B—WENN musical program
Bell of Babylon, The—the title of Euripedes Moss' play; he sees it as a drama, but Jeff thinks it is too grim for a wartime world
Bella's—an Italian restaurant advertised on Tom Eldridge with the News; it's located in Monroeville
Bender, Mayor—the incumbent whom Humphries opposes in the election
Berne Sweepstakes—lottery in which Mr. Eldridge has won $70,000.00
Bernice—Maple's cousin who only listens to the radio rather than reading the newspaper
Best Radio Scenario—Betty is nominated five times in this Golden Lobe category
Beth and Mac—supposedly the next offering on Pittsburgh Public Library Theatre after Mrs. Mellon approves of Vengeance is Mine; it's a modern-day adaptation of "the Scottish play"
Bickman, Dr.—officious, idiot epidemiologist (without portfolio) from Washington, DC, who has discovered a cross between scarlet fever and German measles (a disease he hopes to name after his late mother); he thinks the crew at WENN has contracted this disease when Mr. Foley develops a rash and quarantines the staff to the station
Big Breakfast—cereal company that wishes Norma Dismal to do commercials for them as Baby Sweetums
Big BroadcastNorma Dismal plans her "renaissance" on this show
Bigelow, Mr.—works for Pittsburgh Power; to mollify him over unpaid bills, Betty tells him that Victor has created a series to promote electricity, Captain Power and Lightning Lad
Big Joe and Little Jo—drama starring Hilary and Jeff as the sweet lady of the manor and the farmhand she has fallen in love with
BinkieCaptain Amazon's new young sidekick, played by Scott (he takes weekly tap dance lessons and later seems to have developed a lisp)
Birthday Bob—host of a WENN children's show
"Birth of a Station"—Episode 49 (Season 4, Episode 6)
Bloodhound Biff, New York Police Dog—series sponsored by Parson's Pets
Bonneyville Mills—the little town in which This Girl's Kinfolk takes place
Bonsoir Demitasse—sponsor of the Sherlock Holmes series
Book at Bedtime, A—sponsored by Cup O'Comfort, is a series of bestseller dramatizations
Booth, Joan—in Hilary's version of The Sunset Also Rises, the spunky writer who decides to participate in Norman Dismal's comeback
Booth, John Wilkes—of course, the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln—and Hilary's great uncle
Boynton, Mr.—owns Empire Jewels, which sells Felix the Cat watches
Boy Scouts—Scott says when he joined the Boy Scouts, he taught them a progressive betting system
Bracken, Tess—WENN's publicist, a tart-tongued middle aged woman who once has occasion to bail Jeff out of jail
Brainstorm—quiz show created by Scott and Betty for Randall Parson, head of Parson's Pets
Branley, Lord—the romantic man who provides Elizabeth Marlow's lifeline when she is thrown into prison for Brent's murder (he's really suffering from amnesia again); he's played by George Smith
Brattleboro Bobcats—Scott claims he was a semi-professional tailback for this team
Bridal Bouquet—a series on WENN in which couples get married; in reality Betty, Jeff, Enid, and Mackie portray the couples, but they are supposed to be real-life couples tying the knot
Bridal Shower—a dishwashing detergent reputed to keep your hands as soft at the day you were married; it is one of the sponsors of Bridal Bouquet
Brightly, Bob—radio personality at WTN in Philadelphia, one of WENN's competitors, who set a record for staying on the air 53 hours nonstop
brisket of beef—the "Blue Plate special" at the Buttery that Betty orders for Grace Cavendish when she visits WENN
Brixton, AlanAlan Ballinger's name when Maple first knew him as a performer in the Velvet Vanities
"bro-bro"Blair Foley's nickname for his little brother, Mr. Foley
Broadhurst Theater—Mr. Eldridge was a doorman at this theatre early in his career
Broome Brothers Department Store—sponsors of several WENN series, including Flash Flanagan, News at Eight, and an annual Christmas variety show
Brumpton, Nurse Naomi—assistant to Charles Abernathy, at WENN to oversee the cast during the marathon broadcast
Burns, Angus—sworn enemy to Mary MacGregor, cruel to animals, but attractive to women; he is once played by Mr. Eldridge
Buttery, The—restaurant near the station that the staff often frequents; their Tomato Surprise evidently isn't very good, but they also serve egg salad, roast beef, meatloaf, and fish sandwiches, pigs' feet, brisket of beef, Welsh rarebit, cucumber sandwiches, and vichyssoise
"Buy Barley Futures"—code greeting used by the saboteurs passing coded messages in commercials for Sentry Savings, it's also the phrase used to order a brainwashed Victor into shooting whomever says the words

Cadwallader, Warden James—he ran the Ohio State Penitentary during Mackie's incarceration there; knowing Mackie wasn't really a criminal, he pardoned him after only 6 months of a 2-year sentence
Cafe Bagdad—a cafe in Pittsburgh
Cafe New Orleans—a variety show featuring traditional jazz music
Calcutta—Indian port that Scott has sailed to; Cutter Dunlap has also written a book about his experiences there, Cutter of Calcutta
Calico Jones, Private Detective—a detective series Scott creates for Hilary (if she will work weekends) in which she will portray a cat sleuth
"Caller I.D."—Episode 42 (Season 3, Episode 16)
Calvaros, Padre—a regular character on The Hands of Time, played by Mackie
Calvin—servant (played by Mackie) on Bedside Manor, he may be the new butler in place of the departed Travers.
Canarsie, Pepper—song-and-dance man reknown for his "patter" songs, he was befriended by Mr. Eldridge back in the days when he was a doorman at the Hippodrome; since vaudeville died and he has grown older, Pepper has found it hard to get work and is reduced to pushing Crescendo Hearing Aids
Candy Candleblower—the long-lost sister of Happy Returns; this is the part Celia auditions for when she first comes to WENN
"Capital Idea, A"—Episode 11
Cantor, Eddie—Hilary is enraged when Virginia Mayo (formerly Virginia Jones and once a WENN intern) is cast in this famous comedian's Broadway production
Captain Amazon—lead character in the Amazon Andy series, played by Mackie
"Captain Amazon"—a fan of the WENN series Amazon Andywho has come to believe he's the character he idolizes
Captain Power and Lightning Lad—series Victor creates for Pittsburgh Power
Capwell Pesticides and Crop Dusting—sponsors for the Christmas 1940 edition of Bedside Manor, one of their pilots flies Betty back to Elkhart for the holidays with her family, thanks to Scott's bargaining
Caraway on Rye—Maple, hiding from Cribby Menlo in the guise of suit and turban, tells him she is from this kingdom, and that she is its Chief Impotentate and Grand Brassiere
Carr, Adrian—famous Broadway producer, bored with his latest productions, who tries to broadcast WENN's series Valiant Journey "coast to coast"
Casa de Siesta—place in Matamoros where Jeff and Hilary were married
"Casey at the Bat"—poem supposed to be performed by Hilary on A Book at Bedtime on August 13, 1941, when "Don't Look Now" is substituted
Cavendish, Grace—Broadway, movie, and singing star who visits WENN on a bond-selling tour; she was once involved romantically with Victor
Caxton Hall, Westminster—where Pavla Nemkova and Jeff were supposedly married
Chanin, Archbishop Montague—one of the guests on the edition of Magic Time in which Hilary makes a strange prediction
Chapin—the middle name of Betty's father
Charing Cross Hospital—both Victor and Jeff were hospitalized there after the bombing of the BBC building they were broadcasting from
Charley, UncleBecky's loving uncle on the drama This Girl's Kinfolk
Charley's Aunt—Jeff is appearing as Lord Fancourt Babberly in this production at the Pittsburgh Playhouse
Chez O'Shea (Shay?)—French-Irish restaurant in the Pittsburgh area whose specialty is corned beef and cabbage au poivre
Chinese checkers—Betty is evidently a whiz at this game
"Chopsticks"—the only song Betty can play on the piano
Christmas Carol, A—Hilary does a benefit performance of this Dickens story every year on Christmas Day
"Christmas in the Airwaves"—Episode 19 (Season 2, Episode 6)
"Christmas is Waiting"Gloria Redmond's hit Christmas single
clarinet—Gertie plays this musical instrument
ClaudeSam Dane's treacherous uncle in Vengeance is Mine
Clemens Organ Company—is sponsoring WENN's dramatization of Tom Sawyer
Clendenon, Godfrey—he represents a publication called Pittsburgh Radio Log and presents Hilary with an award for Best Lead Actress in a Radio Drama Originating in Pittsburgh
Clifford—Mr. and Mrs. Mellon's son, whom the staff think is Celia's brother
"Close Quarters"—Episode 22 (Season 2, Episode 9)
Cocoa Cabana—a series on WPTR that is sponsored by Dutch Uncle Cocoa; they play dance music, including the works of Eddie King
Colfax, Miss—court stenographer who takes Hilary's deposition to Drake Stanley
Collins, Special Agent—FBI agent who investigates WENN just as Aunt Agatha is visiting
Colonel Moore at the Country Store—hosted by Colonel Moore, it features homespun, comic commentary on the news, a.k.a. Colonel Moore at the General Store
Colton, Angela—a blind young woman who is enamoured of WENN's suave character, The Vagabond; she visits the station to meet the man who portrays him before leaving for England on the Queen Mary
Cominger Industries—company that owns Flowergrams, it is now run by Penelope Cominger
Cominger, Penelope—wealthy young woman whom Mackie left at the altar because he felt he couldn't support her, she is now head of Cominger Industries, who own Flowergrams, a floral delivery service
Cora—young, unmarried pregnant woman who shows up at WENN in labor and looking for a real "Young Dr. Talbot; it turns out the father of her baby is Gus Kahana
Cornelius—Mackie's middle name
CornstalkCharles Abernathy mistakes Victor's last name for this
Corwin, Mr.—head of the company that makes Corwin's Corned Beef Hash, he's not impressed by Scott Sherwood's creativity
Corwin's Corned Beef Hash—made of "flavorsome hash" and "very small potatoes"
Cosgrave, MissRollie Pruitt's secretary, a pinched spinsterish type with a penchant for numbers, she is evidently very fond of "R.P." and does his bidding in all things; she doesn't, however, know much about broadcasting and almost sells out WENN's programming at one point
"Courting Disaster"—Episode 39 (Season 3, Episode 13)
Crabshaw, Carleton—columnist who doesn't include any WENN programming in his list of top 25 programs in the Pittsburgh area
cranberry jelly—WENN's mysterious "ghost" leaves this clue to his identity for Hilary (just use the initials...)
Crandall, Philip—Mackie's character on Valiant Journey, the one person Daphne Danvers can trust
Crescendo Cabaret—network variety series sponsored by Crescendo Hearing Aids, formerly known as the Crescendo Concertina Hour
Crescendo Hearing AidsBlair Foley sells advertising for this product, which is the sponsor of the Crescendo Cabaret
Crighton, Admiral—Hilary introduces Eugenia, in her bandleader's uniform, as this official to Cribby Menlo
Crime Breakers—a police series featuring Hilary as Gun Moll Yvonne and Jeff as another of the bad guys, it's sponsored by Acton Anthracite Coal and Pilton's Pork Puree Sandwich Spread
Crimson Blade, The—an adventure series starring the title character as played by Mackie (and once by George Smith); he gets involved in such adventures as hanging over a vat of boiling oil
Crimson Follies, The—a burlesque house where Maple formerly worked (not as an organist)
Crockett's Corner, Maine—where Hilary tells people she was born (she was actually born in Ligonia)
Crooked Creek—Scott has [rented?] a fishing cabin on this creek in the Pocono Mountains
Crowley, Chuck—owner of WEEP, a tiny Pittsburgh station
Cup o'Comfort—a soothing beverage to be drunk at bedtime, it is featured on A Book at Bedtime and, briefly, It's Your Nickel
Custard the Clown--featured on Six O'Clock circus and played by Mackie (for one episode he has a brother, Mustard—Victor acting as substitute)

Dane, Sam—character Jeff plays in Sam Dane, Private Detective; the character was originally a modern-day version of Hamlet
Danvers, Daphne—lead character in Valiant Journey, a Southern lady who can seemingly only trust Phillip Crandall; she is played by Hilary
Darcy, Guy—owner of Virginia Malt Vinegar, who offers to trade their product for a series of Hilary reciting Shakespeare
Daw, D.P.—author of "The Missive of Farewell"
Denton's Diapers—a WENN sponsor
Des Moines—the Gimlet Guide to World Records is headquartered here
Desmond, Jack—reporter for a Pittsburgh newspaper who interviews Hilary simply to get information about Grace Cavendish
Devere, Bob—the head of American Way Greeting Cards; they have sponsored the series World of Tomorrow and The Hands of Time as well as WENN's World's Fair broadcast, to prove that greeting cards are not "old fashioned doilies"
Dime, Algernon—one of the lead characters in The Fife and Dime Show, usually played by Mackie
Dismal, Norma—a faded radio actress who once played the character of Baby Sweetums, she is the tragic heroine of Gertie's television play The Sunset Also Rises
Dismal, Norman—Mr. Eldridge's vision of the lead character in The Sunset Also Rises
"Diva That Wouldn't Die, The"—Episode 18 (Season 2, Episode 5)
"Don't Act Like That"—Episode 17 (Season 2, Episode 4)
"Don't Look Now"—Ghost story originally presented on WENN on August 13, 1931, it is infamous in the station history because the actor portraying the character Prinley died of apoplexy during the performance in a scene where he encounters a ghost (and the scene fell on page 13)
Dreamland Dance Floor—late night musical program hosted by Mackie, it is supposed to take place at a nightclub, but in actuality is just Mackie playing records; Eugenia plays the theme song
Drums Along the Monongahela—film starring Gavin Landru that has its world premiere in Pittsburgh (since the movie takes place at Fort Duquesne, later Fort Pitt, later Pittsburgh)
Dunlap, Cutter—world-famous explorer who does an interview on Eugenia's all night show Agitato Alert and accidentally discovers Victor's secret visit to WENN; his books are Lost on the Congo Line, The Sand and I, A Nomad in Nairobi, and Cutter of Calcutta.
Dunlap, Warren—an aspiring actor from the Aldwych Academy of Drama who is also a Justice of the Peace
Dutch Uncle Cocoa—sponsors of Cocoa Cabana, a series that runs on WPTR, and rivals to Cup O'Comfort

Edelweiss—a German restaurant in Pittsburgh
8057—winning number of Mr. Eldridge's lottery ticket
El Caney—Mr. Eldridge fought in this battle during the Spanish-American War, serving with Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders
Eldridge, Franz—the kindly elderly maitre'd at Scot's Cafe Mirage; he also sells salt-and-pepper shakers in the marketplace
Elkhart Daily Bugle—Betty used to work as assistant editor for this newspaper
Elkhart, Indiana—Betty's home town; her father and mother still live there
"Emperor Smith"—Episode 6
Elliot, Leonard—nominee for a Best Actor Golden Lobe award; he's an also-ran along with Scott and Jeff
Empire Jewels—owned by Mr. Boynton, they sell Felix the Cat watches
Endicott, Sarah—lead—and late—character in the cast's recreation of "Don't Look Now," played by Maple
Erie-Lackawanna Railroad—a sponsor for the series Bridal Bouquet
Esmerelda—the Elizabeth lookalike that Brent Marlow married while he was in Spain with amnesia
Etruscan, Mrs.—WENN's evening cleaning lady
"Eugenia Bremer, Master Spy"—Episode 38 (Season 3, Episode 12)
"Eugie"Desmond Quist refers to Eugenia by this nickname, which she hates; it is also the name of the maid played by Eugenia on Bedside Manor
Excelsior TV—this store, celebrating the first television in Pittsburgh, offers a $1000 for the best television
Ezekiel—one of Miss Susannah's students

Farraday, Congressman Bob—smooth-talking Congressman with his eye on the Presidency, he romances Maple—until he finds out about her background, although he in reality is from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
Feldenstein, Meister—Eugenia's opera instructor; he once conducted Lohengrin in a ceremony honoring Hitler before the Fuhrer found out he was Jewish
Fenton, Father—Episcopal minister who was once a missionary in French Indochina where his twin children were kidnapped from him and his wife; he finds his long lost daughter, now Sister Marissa, in a convent (from an unknown WENN series)
Fife, Abraham—one of the lead characters in The Fife and Dime Show, played by Jeff
Fife and Dime Show, The—a comedy series starring Abraham Fife, played by Jeff, and Algernon Dime, played usually by Mackie, two black characters done in a 1930's style
Finch, Agatha Sherwood—Scott's elderly aunt who believes him—as does the rest of the Sherwood family—to be the Sherwood "white sheep"; Scott has told her he is head of the Pittsburgh branch of the FBI
"First Mrs. Bloom, The"—Episode 24 (Season 2, Episode 11)
Finlandia—restaurant owned by some of Eugenia's German friends
Fisher, Special Agent—character Jeff plays on Jed Jenner, G-Man
Flash Flanagan—series about a crime-chasing newspaperman, starring Mackie and Celia
Flatbush, Selma—tart-tongued Brooklyn lass whom Brent Marlow has married in yet another fit of amnesia; she is played by Maple
Flintlock Lighters—sponsor of Sam Dane, Private Detective
Floss, Miland—colleague of Norma Dismal who is now doing television commercials
Flowergrams—floral delivery company owned by Cominger Industries
Flynn, Errol—Maple apparently has dated this swashbuckling movie star and is unimpressed by his sexual prowess, judging by her jokes
Foley, Blair—Mr. Foley's loud and bombastic older brother who talks enough for both of them; he works as a salesman for Crescendo Hearing Aids
Foley's Fairy Tales—children's series in which Mr. Foley tells the entire story via sound effects
"Follies of WENN, The"—Episode 50 (Season 4, Episode 7)
Forbes Field—the Pittsburgh Pirates play here
Forward Party—political party which Jeff represents when he runs for the city council
Foxx, Dusty--the distaff head of Midas Hand Cream, she is tough, brassy, and sarcastic; her pet hate is Hilary Booth, whom she attempt to have tossed off The Hands of Time, by agreeing to sponsor a gossip show called From Hilary's Booth
Foxx, Hubert "Pinky"—is the moneymaker in the Foxx family—as Dusty puts it, "everything he touches turns to gold" (hence the "Midas" name); he once had an affair with a woman he knew as "Holly Wood" (in reality, Maple)
Frye, Miss—authoritative, stiff-backed vice chairman of the Barbican Hotel for Single Women, who is interviewing Betty for an application for a new apartment
"Frere Jacques"—song Victor begins singing in retaliation for the Nazis in Scot's Cafe Mirage singing "London Bridge is Falling Down"
From Hilary's Booth—the name of the gossip show starring Hilary Booth that Dusty Foxx agrees to sponsor
"From the Pen of Gertrude Reece"—Episode 37 (Season 3, Episode 11)

Gardening with Gertie—a gardening show hosted by our favorite receptionist, which was created originally for WEEP
Geddy, Ruth—snooty singing star working for Monogram Records; she and Hilary worked on a play called Sky High on Broadway, in which she sabotaged Hilary's performance
GeordieMary MacGregor's dearest love, her pet pig, played by Mr. Foley
George and Dragon, The—pub at which Victor and Scott met in London
"Ghost of WENN, The"—Episode 41 (Season 3, Episode 15)
Gianetti, Mr.—WENN's head writer when Betty arrives at the station, Gianetti is an alcoholic who collapses at his typewriter and is sent to "dry out"
"Girl Like Maple, A"—Episode 36 (Season 3, Episode 10)
Gimbels—Eugenia enjoys finding bargains here
Gimlet Guide to World Records—publication monitoring WENN's bid for longest dramatic presentation
"Girl Like Me, A"—seductive song Maple sings for the members of Phin Parkinton's lodge when the staff does a burlesque show to raise $1000 for the Winthrops' Orphans' Home
Glebe, Sheldon—rather obnoxious young man hosts the Golden Lobe awards show in 1941
Glickman Building—A despondent Jane Smith plans to jump off the 16th floor ledge of this office building
Glint Dishwashing Liquid—sponsor of The Glint Grab-Bag; makes your dishes "clear as a bell"
Glint Grab-Bag, The—variety series sponsored by Glint Dishwashing Liquid; it features songs and comedy routines, including the "weekly trip to Looneyville
GLOBE Broadcasting—the company that owns WENN, the name stands for GLOria and BEn Redmond; its financial advisor is Rollie Pruitt
Glue of Humanity, The—a bestseller by Arden Sage
Golden Lobe, The—statuette given by the Pittsburgh Radio Achievement Association, it looks like a giant ear
"Good Night Ladies"—the only song Gertie knows how to play on the piano
Goosedown Soap Flakes—also sponsors Valiant Journey
Grandpa—Mr. Eldridge's role in This Girl's Kinfolk
Grayhawk, Joseph—a member of the Shawnee tribe (of the Deer Clan), Grayhawk plays Rondo, the self-effacing companion of The Strange Loner; he dislikes the role, but it has put his three children through college
Great Kaufmani, The—stage name of Mackie's roommate Howie Kaufman
Great Stories from the Good Book—series dramatizing Bible stories sponsored by Cup O'Comfort
Greenboro, North Carolina—Mr. Eldridge's home town
Guthrie, Tyrone—director that Hilary has socialized with, despite his marital status
Gwendolen—the scheming maid of Valiant Journey, first played by Celia, later by Maple (Maple's version has a French accent)

Hale, Dr.—works with Jane Timmons
Hall of Greetings, TheAmerican Way Greeting Cards' exhibit at the 1939 New York World's Fair
Hamlet—Victor adapts this Shakespearean tragedy as a modern-day crime drama, Vengance is Mine, for Mr. Acton; it's also the production being done by the regional theatre group Mackie joins, in the role of Polonius, in the fall of 1941
Hamptons Vegetable Soup—sponsors Valiant Journey and also Lost is My Valley
Hands of Time, The—WENN soap opera featuring Elizabeth and Brent Marlow
Hans—the Mellon cook, who, according to Mrs. Mellon, overboils the cauliflower
Hanson, Fred—owner of Purity Motor Oil, seeking to sponsor a comedy series on WENN
"Happy Homecomings"—Episode 43 (Season 3, Episode 17: third season finale)
Happy Returns—character who appears with Birthday Bob
Hardy, Mr.—this gentleman is chairman of the review board of the Barbican Hotel for Single Women; he also is interested in mounting a Broadway musical starring the WENN cast
Harry—Mr. Eldridge's great-nephew, an accountant, to which he entrusts investment of his lottery winnings, thereby becoming primary stockholder in WENN
Hash Brown, Private Eye—uninspired detective series Scott thinks up to promote Corwin's Corned Beef Hash; the solution to the mystery will be printed on the inner lid of the can
Health and Welfare—information series on heath problems done on WENN featuring Dr. Bickman
Heave-Ho—anti-nausea product advertised on The Hands of Time
Hilare, Martine—unhappy young woman who has apparently been deserted by Jeff the headwaiter at Scot's Cafe Mirage
Hilary Booth Center for the Performing Arts, The—project suggested by Hilary in which Mr. Eldridge could invest his lottery winnings
Hilary Booth Coloring Book, The—Hilary gives this book out as a bribe
Hilary Booth: Madame Zenda—production (stage, presumably) in which Hilary starred as a medium
"Hilary Booth, Registered Nurse"—Episode 9
"Hilary's Agent"—Episode 48 (Season 4, Episode 5)
Hildy—a trapeze artist Scott used to know; he often calls Hilary by this appellation
Hippodrome—Mr. Eldridge was a doorman at this theatre when he befriended Pepper Canarsie
Holier Than Thou—Sunday program of spiritual music played by Eugenia
Holliday, Hope—young woman who works for, and is in love with, a congressman in the series Hope Springs Eternal
Holly Wood and Her Trained Woodpeckers—when Maple was in Hollywood, she appeared in this act
Holmes, Sherlock—character Jeff plays on Armchair Detectives
Holstrom Construct-O-Sets—children's toy made by Holstrom Industries
Holstrom, Kurt—head of Holstrom Industries, who make, among other things, Holstrom Construct-O-Sets, the sponsors for Amazon Andy; Holstrom was considered quite the philanthropist, until he was discovered to be a Nazi sympathizer
Home Sweet Home—a home improvement/domestic series sponsored by Sweet Supplies; it stars Hilary who does virtual canning, grouting, and other household repairs
Hospital Romance—a WENN serial which seems to star Hilary
Hope Springs Eternal—Hilary stars as Hope Holiday in this series about a young woman who works with and falls in love with a congressman
Humphries—candidate for Mayor in the latest election; he later appears as a guest on Magic Time the night Hilary makes a strange prediction

"I Gotta Sing"—Hilary freezes up when singing this Ruth Geddy hit for A Night on the Town, and Betty ends up singing it for her
"Importance of Being Betty, The"—Episode 32 (Season 3, Episode 6)
Independent Party—political party which Luke Langly represents when he runs for the city council
Ingram's Coffee—sponsor of Bedside Manor, Ingrams Coffee is made from 100% shade-grown Columbian coffee
"I Now Pronounce You Man and Wife Again"—Episode 15 (Season 2, Episode 2)
"In the WENN Small Hours"—Episode 27 (Season 3, Episode 1)
Iojeck, Lazlo—Plaintiff on Tell It to The Judge after injury on the property of his landlord (Mr. Stepney)
Is Something Burning?—a cooking show hosted by Mackie
It's Your Nickel—phone-in talk show created by Victor for the late evening to be sponsored by Cup O'Comfort and hosted by Celia and Jeff; unfortunately WENN's equipment isn't up to the call volume and the show is discontinued

Jane Timmons, Registered Nurse—taking place during "the Great War of 1918," this medical series features heroic nurse Jane Timmons, who performs her duties under fire with the help of Drs. Hale and Sebastian
Jed Jenner, G-Man—Mackie stars in this series about an FBI agent, with Jeff in a co-starring role
Jeff—headwaiter at Scot's Cafe Mirage, who has had a misunderstanding with the woman he loves, presumably Martine Hilaire
Jerome, Timothy—nominee for a Golden Lobe award; he ties with actor Nicholas Michael to win over Scott and Jeff
Jessamina—piano player at the saloon in Rance Shiloh, U.S. Marshal; she is played by Eugenia
Jimmy—a little boy left home alone while his father works, who calls It's Your Nickel when burglars try to break into his home
Judo JudyCaptain Amazon's Japanese gymnast sidekick; after Pearl Harbor she is remarkably revealed to be a Norwegian freedom fighter
Justice Dinner Rolls—sponsor of Tell It to the Judge
Justice Foods—parent company of Justice Dinner Rolls

Kahana, Gus—the sole employee of the Kahana Trucking Company, Gus is attending the Aldwych Academy of Drama and does excellent celebrity impressions; he continues his trucking business while working occasionally at WENN, and in Minneapolis, makes the acquaintance of a waitress named Cora
Kahana Trucking CompanyGus Kahana's business, of which he is the sole employee
Kaufman, Howie—Mackie's roommate when he worked with the Michigan Mummers and Minstrels; he was the magician "the Great Kaufmani."
Kemper's Quality Meats—also has sponsored The Hands of Time
Kenitra—the location of the airport 40 kilometers north of Rabat
Killian, Carleton—millionaire who is killed by rat poison in his drink; Larry Looper is arrested for the crime
King, Eddie—a bandleader whose band has been heard in the background of several broadcasts (WENN and otherwise)
KippyCaptain Amazon's youthful sidekick, played by Jeff
Kiss of the Rajah—the Rudolph Valentino film Ted E. Peck wants the WENN cast to overdub
"KLondike 9366"—Episode 2
KLondike 9366—WENN's telephone number; the numbers correspond to the call letters; Betty uses KL9366 frequently in her scripts when she needs some type of number
KLondike 9614—backstage phone number of the Crimson Follies, Maple's former place of employment
"kringly"—Betty's dad's word for a Christmasy look

Landers, Lucy—character on A Second Chance at Love, played by Celia
Landru, Gavin—the womanizing, drunken actor who is in reality the masked hero of the network series The Strange Loner
Langley, Luke—ex-baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates who pitched 17 straight wins; he is now running for city council on the Independent ticket and ends up doing a sports commentary show on WENN
Latin Lunchtime—noontime series
Laugh A Little With Mackie Bloom—comedy series nominated for a Golden Lobe award
LeFleur, Carmen—a famous bubble dancer Maple was hoping would make a guest appearance at their burlesque show
Leopold, Uncle—Mackie's uncle who spurned a gypsy girl and was cursed; he died at age 95, having lived the last fifty years of his life under the shadow of this curse
Lester—the night sound engineer at WENN; he's apparently somewhat of a ladies' man
letters of transmit—papers pased by Ricotti to Scot that grant diplomatic status to any news reporter who bears them, allowing free passage between any national boundary
Ligonia, Maine—Hilary was born here, but she tells everyone she is from a neighboring—and larger—town, Crockett's Corner
"Like a Brother"—Episode 25 (Season 2, Episode 12)
Lillie—singer at Scot's Cafe Mirage, as everyone else, she is desperately trying to leave Rabat
Lilly Bell, Miss—character played by Hilary in Rance Shiloh, U.S. Marshal
LinkPalermo Racine's strongarm; Racine says it's short for "Missing Link."
Listen to Your Life—celebrity biography series in which people from that celebrity's past are brought to the station to speak to the person; it is hosted by Eugenia
"Little Engine That Could, The"—Maple once appeared in a production of this story at the Crimson Follies, as the caboose; Eugenia also invokes this children's tale in trying to make her exercise program as authentic as possible
"London Bridge is Falling Down"—a drunken Martine Hilare begins singing this song "that Nazis love" at Scot's Cafe Mirage; Victor counters with "Frere Jacques"
Looneyville—location of a skit that is part of the variety show The Glint Grab-Bag, it features puns and plays on words
Looper, Larry—butler who was arrested for poisoning Carleton Killian; he takes the WENN cast hostage to prove his innocence
Lost is My Valley—a Western drama series starring Jeff and Hilary
Lubridor Hair Cream—a sponsor of WENN news

Macedonian Baptist Church—Eugenia is choral director at this church
Macbeth—Hilary played one of the Three Witches in this Shakespearean play
MacGregor, Mary—lead character in the series Wee Mary MacGregor, Veterinarian, she is played by Betty while the cast is away at a radio convention
"Magic"—Episode 26 (Season 2, Episode 13: second season finale)
Magic Time—a series on which Jeff and Hilary perform a mind-reading act, using a code they created during the run of Razzle Dazzle to alieviate boredom
Manchester, England—the home of Martin's Melodies, musical radio series hosted by Gil Martin
Manders, Captain RexDaphne Danvers' love interest in a later episode of Valiant Journey
man from the power company—Victor, trying to save what he thinks is the broadcast of Bedside Manor, portrays this character while he waits for Jeff and Hilary
Manley, Leonard—Jeff's (and later Scott's) character on Valiant Journey, he appears ready to betray Daphne Danvers at one time
Many Loves of Mavis Baxter, The—a WENN drama in which Mackie does all the male roles
Marconi Spaghetti—brand of macaroni eaten by the cast while they are quarantined at the station by Dr. Bickman
Marissa, Sister—she is in reality Father Fenton's daughter and Brother Paul's sister
Marlow, Brent—the male lead in The Hands of Time, Brent suffers from chronic amnesia and has, at various times, taken them to live on a farm and married a Spanish look-alike for Elizabeth; he's played by Jeff
Marlow, Elizabeth—the long-suffering female lead in The Hands of Time, Elizabeth must cope with imprisonment, near death, and the chronic amnesia bouts of her husband Brent; she's played by Hilary
Martin, Gil—host of the BBC musical series Martin's Melodies in Manchester, England, he appears on WENN at Christmas 1940 as part of an exchange
Martin's Melodies—musical series hosted by British performer Gil Martin
Mary and Alice—twin girls who are the first children to be on the 1940 edition of WENN's Tell it To Santa program; unfortunately they run afoul of Mr. Pruitt in the guise of the "Satanic Santa," as he is nicknamed
Masked Man, The—a Western series featuring Mackie in the title role of the masked, mysterious hero
Matamoros, Mexico—place where Jeff and Hilary were married during the Dallas run of Razzle Dazzle
Maxine—girl Scott knew while working at the Victoria Palace
Mayo, Virginia—this Missouri actress, under her real name Virginia Jones, was once an intern at WENN
McKinley—what the "Mackie" in Mackie Bloom's name stands for
Meditations of St. Thomas Aquinas, The—book Bishop Quinn brings to Magic Time for the mentalist to guess
Medwick, Mr.—owner of Pittsburgh Pantry and the "nutritious nighttime beverage" Cup O'Comfort; timid and against trying revolutionary new shows, Medwick is persuaded into starting an all night series, Agitato Alert, which he later cancels for lack of audience
Mellon, Florence Dunthorpe—one of the Pittsburgh Mellons, Mrs. Mellon is one of the trustees of the Pittsburgh Public Library and thus very fussy about what appears on Pittsburgh Public Library Theatre; due to Celia's stories, the folks at WENN also believe she's Celia's mother
Men in the Headlines—interview show hosted by Hilary in which influential men are interviewed; guests have included Congressman Bob Farraday
Menlo, Cribby—persistent process server once encountered by Scott and Maple in Hollywood; he's trying to serve papers to Jeff Singer from Pavla Nemkova
Merchant Marine—Scott claims to have quit the Ivy League college Aunt Agatha got him into and joined this organization
Merrick Mattresses—sponsors of Sound Stream and later of WENN in Rome, it's located in Monroeville
Merton—this family owns Pennsylvania Penny Savings and Loan
Michael, Nicholas—nominee for a Golden Lobe award; he ties with actor Tim Jerome to win over Scott and Jeff
Michigan Mummers and Minstrels—Mackie was one of the youngest performers to tour with this group
Midas Hand Cream—sponsor of The Hands of Time, it is owned by Dusty and "Pinky" Foxx
milkman—Victor ropes Scott into playing this role to salvage what he thinks is a broadcast of Bedside Manor
Millie and Molly—WENN series; Celia and Hilary alternate in the title roles
Mindinao"Captain Amazon" claims he just came from this Philippine city
"Missive of Farewell"—a speech from the book Modern American Monologues; Jeff writes it out for Pavla Nemkova and she presents it to Hilary as proof that Jeff is leaving her
"Mr. and Mrs. Singer"—Episode 33 (Season 3, Episode 7)
Mr. FinneganNormal Dismal's pet baboon who has died as The Sunset Also Rises opens
Mittens—Mavis Streibling's pet cat; Jeff uses it as a nickname for Hilary in one episode
Modern American MonologuesPavla Nemkova tells Betty that Jeff has asked her to pick up this book; presumably she wanted it removed from the station before someone found out she cribbed Jeff's "farewell letter" from it
Monogram Records—they have sponsored the WENN series A Weekend in Pittsburgh for years, but threaten to pull their sponsorship because they want more people to stay home and play records; Betty creates A Night on the Town for them
Monroeville—one of Pittsburgh's suburbs
Moore, Colonel—homespun host of Colonel Moore at the Country Store, in which Moore comments on happenings in the news; played by Mackie with a deep Southern accent
Morgan, "Blinky"—a mutual acquaintance of Scott and Maple; he claims he saw Scott working on a loading dock during the time Scott claimed he was working for NBC after being fired by Pruitt
MorrisGiles Aldwych's assistant at the Aldwych Academy
Moss, Euripedes—egotistical playwright who has just finished his play The Bell of Babylon; referred to Hilary by her old mentor Giles Aldwych, Moss would like Miss Booth and her husband to star in the production
Mother Martin's Yankee Bean Soup—a new sponsor for Valiant Journey, who object to Daphne Danvers' Southern heritage
Mustard the Clown—Victor's quick invention when Mackie is temporarily unable to do his Custard the Clown character on Six O'Clock Circus
Myra—name Hilary occasionally calls her aunt Myrna who "died"
Myrna—Hilary's great-aunt who supposedly expired during her performance of "On the Good Ship Lollipop"
Mystic Fraternal Order of LemmingsPhineas Parkington belongs to this lodge

NantucketAunt Agatha's home town
Nemkova, Pavla—Czechoslovakian actress who showed up at WENN with a marriage certificate between herself and Jeff Singer; she was working for the Germans and blackmailed Jeff—since she knew he was aware of Victor being alive and working as Jonathan Arnold—into marrying her so that she could get a working permit in the United States; presumably when her scheme was foiled at WENN she let the Germans know that Arnold was actually a spy
"New Actor, The"—Episode 30 (Season 3, Episode 4)
New Yorker, The—this prestigious magazine offers to hire Betty after reading a story she has submitted to them; Betty is quite a fan of the magazine and, as a youngster, always looked forward to its delivery
News at Eight—news show sponsored by Broome Brothers Department Store
Night on the Town, A—series created by Betty for Monogram Records, it will feature Hilary Booth singing her version of hit records from Monogram
nine of spades—the card everyone at WENN chooses when Alan Ballinger does a mental card trick over the air
Noble, Rex—pompous producer who is trying out his version of Antony and Cleopatra in Pittsburgh
North Gedney Street—street on which the Petroleum Building is located; since WENN is in the building next door, it is presumed that they may be on North Gedney as well
"Not That I Know Of"Ruth Geddy's new love song
"Nothing Up My Sleeve"—Episode 34 (Season 3, Episode 8)
nutty cream cheese on raisin bread—a favorite treat of Gertie's

Ohio State Penitentiary—prison in which Mackie spent 6 months after being framed by Palermo Racine
"On the Air"—Episode 1
O'Malley's—bar frequented by the men of the staff
"On the Good Ship Lollipop"—song Hilary claims she was singing at age seven at a school recital when her aunt Myrna dropped dead
Opera Without Music—a WENN series presumably featuring dramatized opera stories
Orpheum—when WENN is advertising for a new actor after Jeff leaves once again for London, a notice is put up on the Orpheum Theatre
"O Sole Mio"—song Maple and Betty sing before dinner the first night of their quarantine at the station
Our Fleeting Passion—a late afternoon series

Padrusky—Celia's real last name
Parkington, Phineas "Phinny"—Cleveland businessman who Scott once made some bad investments for; he and some lodge brothers come to Pittsburgh looking to paint the town red
Parson, Randall—owner of the chain of pet shops, Parson's Pets
Parson, Randall, Jr.—the supercilious, spoiled son of Randall Parson, he is supposed to be the winning contestant on the test run of Brainstorm
Parson's Pets—chain of pet shops owned by Randall Parson
"Past Tense, Future Imperfect"—Episode 53 (Season 4, Episode 10)
Patrick—a boy who gets to see the unmasking of The Strange Loner in WENN's studio, he has won the privilege by winning the essay contest "What the Strange Loner Means to Me"
Paul, Brother—he is in reality Father Fenton's son and Sister Marissa's brother
Pearl-O-Mint Dentifrice—sponsor of Mackie's stand-up comedy series
Peck, Ted E.—maverick director who was thrown out of Hollywood after the sound era started, due to an inability to write dialog; he finds an unfinished Rudolph Valentino movie in a closet in an editing house in Altoona and hires the WENN cast to dub it, then has the bright idea to use the performers to finish the film, Kiss of the Rajah
Pennsylvania Night Owl—train Victor frequently takes to Washington, DC; it does not have a dining car
Pennsylvania Pantry—breakfast food company run by Mr. Medwick
Pennsylvania Penny Savings and Loan—bank owned by the Merton family, senior and junior
Pershing, John J.—general Victor and Betty tell Cutter Dunlap is now president of the United States
Petey—dog owned by the Foley brothers
Petroleum Building—the building next door to WENN, on North Gedney Street
PhoebeSam Dane's girlfriend in Vengeance is Mine
Philadelphia—the Foley brothers' parents live in Philadelphia; Scott also knows a radio station manager in Philadelphia
Pillsler, Thomas—warden at Ramsey State Prison, the place Larry Looper escapes from after being convicted of killing Carleton Killian
Pilton's Pork Puree Sandwich Spread—one of the sponsors of Crime Breakers
Pinocchio—Eugenia has this character and his father digested by the giant whale in her version of the Collidi tale
Pittsburgh Canteen—Eugenia suggests WENN can serve as this entertainment place for soldiers and sailors after Pearl Harbor
Pittsburgh Pirates—WENN broadcasts their baseball games and Luke Langly was once in their ranks; on one infamous occasion, Mr. Foley got himself, Scott, and Mr. Eldridge thrown out of Forbes Field for shouting insults at the Pirates' umpire
Pittsburgh Playhouse—Jeff appears at this theatre in a production of Charley's Aunt, playing Lord Fancourt Babberly
Pittsburgh Public Library Theatre—series in which famous novels are read on the air by Hilary
Pittsburgh Radio Achievement Association—organization which awards radio series/performers/crew with a statuette called The Golden Lobe
Pittsburgh Radio Log—what sounds like a radio version of TV Guide published in the Pittsburgh area; it is represented by Godfrey Clendenon
Pittsburgh Weiner—Scott attempts to pick up this company as a sponsor; it is owned by Chet Randolph
Polonius—Mackie takes a leave of absence from WENN in the fall of 1941 to play this character in a regional tour of Hamlet
"Popping the Question"—Episode 12
Popular Front—Scott did cryptography for them during the Spanish Civil War rather than face a prison sentence
Portrait of the Escape Artist as a Young Man—play about Harry Houdini that Jeff once appeared in
PRAT—the Pittsburgh Radio Achievement Trophy, given annually by the Pittsburgh Radio Achievement Association
"Pratfall"—Episode 51 (Season 4, Episode 8)
Prescott, Tyler—represents Monogram Records
"Prior to Broadway"—Episode 28 (Season 3, Episode 2)
Prinley—name of the lawyer in the ghost story "Don't Look Now" originally presented on WENN on August 13, 1931, and recreated ten years later
Peugeot, Major—the local gendarme in the Rabat area where Scot's Cafe Mirage is located; he has the eye for the ladies and his own pocket
Pulova—make of clock in the WENN hallway near Studio B
"Pumpkin"—Hilary's nickname for Jeff, often used sarcastically
Purity Motor Oil—owned by Fred Hanson

QueenieSam Dane's faithless mother in Vengeance is Mine
Quincy—Mr. Eldridge's middle name
Quinn, Bishop Kenneth—from the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh, guest on Magic Time the night Alan Ballinger is the guest mentalist
Quist, Desmond—British Intelligence counterspy working for the U.S. Government looking for spies at WENN

Rabat—Gertie's radio play takes place in this city in French North Africa, specifically at Scot's Cafe Mirage
Racine, Palermo—Mobster who once employed Mackie when he was stranded in Steubenville, Ohio; he helped send Mackie to prison for six months after testifying Mackie was in on a robbery he [Palermo] had pulled
Racing Results Down the Homestretch—a series featuring re-creations of horse races
"Radio Silence"—Episode 14 (Season 2, Episode 1)
Ramon—the Mellon chaffeur, who, according to Mrs. Mellon, uses the family car for amorous pursuits
Ramsey State Prison—prison Larry Looper is incarcerated in
Rance Shiloh, U.S. Marshall—Western sponsored by Acton Anthracite Coal, featuring the adventures of the title character as played by Jeff
Randolph, Chet—the owner of Pittsburgh Weiner
Razzle Dazzle—Hilary and Jeff married during the production of the on-the-road performance of this play
Redmond, BenGloria Redmond's late husband, he bought WENN for her as a Christmas present so she could sing on the radio as often as she liked; the Redmonds owned a small farm nearby
Redmond, Gloria—famous singing star who owns GLOBE Enterprises, the company that owns WENN; since the death of her husband on Christmas Eve of 1939, she has been a recluse
"Remember When"—the song Grace Cavendish sings on The Glint Grab-Bag; she says it is from a Broadway musical that did not make it; Samantha also sings it in Gertie's play Rendezvous in Rabat
"Rendezvous in Rabat"—the radio play Gertie has written; the characters include very thinly disguised members of the WENN cast and crew
Rialto—the theatre at which Amorous Airwaves premieres in Pittsburgh
ribbons—those on the boxes of chocolates that Hilary tries to doctor for You've Met Your Match:

            ORIGINAL     CHANGE            CHANGE
Betty       blue         black             red
Gertie      green        gold              rust
Maple       maroon       magenta           lemon
Eugenia     ebony        electric blue     blue
Hilary      henna        heliotrope        black
When Hilary changed the choice to men's names in the boxes, Scott had the blue ribbon and Mr. Foley had the red
Ricotti—deadbeat customer at Scot's Cafe Mirage who hands over counterfeit franc notes; to keep Scot off his back, he trades two "letters of transmit" to him in payment of his bill
Rice, Paul—for a short time, a young WENN intern whom Hilary is using to make Jeff jealous; he eventually plays Valentino in the finished version of Kiss of the Rajah
"Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The—Hilary recited this Coleridge poem on A Book at Bedtime a week before the fateful broadcast of "Don't Look Now"; the presence of the albatross in the writer's room on that night reminds her of it
Rivals, The—the Broadway play most people remember Hilary from; it seems to have been her only hit
Robbie RocketGeorge Smith gets to play this character when Mackie is hors de combat
Robbins, Nurse—works with Young Doctor Talbot
Roberta—beautiful woman who accompanies Victor Comstock to Scot's Cafe Mirage, she is also Scot Sherwood's old flame
"Rock and a Soft Place, A"—Episode 3
Rondo—the faithful companion of The Strange Loner in the network series of the same name
Rose, Billy—famous Broadway empresario/producer whom Hilary has socialized with (despite his being married)
rrrRauss, Commandant—head of the German occupying forces in Rabat, a fussy, precise man
Rue Coline des Potiers—street on which the marketplace in Rabat is located; it's where Roberta searches for Scot to ask him to sell her the letters of transmit

Sage, Arden—unctious motivational speaker who urges the WENN employees to change places with each other for a day; he's the author of many bestsellers including The Glue of Humanity
St. James, Leona—gossip columnist for a rival radio station; even the people at WENN listen to her program
St. Mary's HospitalPalermo Racine has an "account" at this Pittsburgh Hospital; apparently it's where he sends all his victims
Salad Days—the name of a series Hilary cooks up for Purity Oil and Virginia Malt Vinegar, not understanding that the former is made for cars
"Salome on Wry"—clever novelty song sung by Betty (ala "Dance of the Seven Veils") for the members of Phin Parkinton's lodge when the staff does a burlesque show to raise $1000 for the Winthrops' Orphans' Home
Samantha—the pianist at Scot's Cafe Mirage, she came to Rabat with Scot
Sam Dane, Private Detective—stars Jeff as the title character, spun off from the Vengeance is Mine production
"Satanic Santa"—Mr. Pruitt attempts to play Santa Claus on Tell It to Santa while the male staff members at WENN argue over the role, but he is so menacing he earns this deadly nickname
Scot's Cafe Mirage—broadcasting studio and restaurant (and gambling casino) owned by Scot Sherwood, the hero of Gertie's play "Rendezvous in Rabat
"Scott Sherwood of the F.B.I."—Episode 23 (Season 2, Episode 10)
"Scubby"Aunt Agatha calls Scott by this nickname
Sebastian, Dr.—one of Jane Timmons' superiors
Second Chance at Love, A--one of WENN's afternoon soap operas; Celia is featured as the daughter
Secret Love of Mavis Baxter, The—evidently a WENN soap; it may be a spinoff of The Many Loves of Mavis Baxter
"Secret Sentence, The"—the crux of Arden Sage's philosophy; it turns out to be "things could be a lot worse"
Security Safes—a WENN sponsor
Senator from Broadway, The—production in which Jeff appeared which inspires him to run for city council
Sentry Savings—a Boston-based savings bank, run by Seldon Sentry, that appears to sponsor Hobo Bo
Sentry, Seldon—the Boston-accented head of Sentry Savings; he is a close friend of Rollie Pruitt
SergeiMavis Streibling's Russian lover in the WENN production of The Strange Loves of Mavis Streibling
Sharpshooter, The—a character played by George Smith during Mackie's absence
ShawneeJoseph Grayhawk belongs to this American Indian tribe
"Sight Unseen"—Episode 5
Sheepshead Bay—area of Brooklyn that Bob Farraday is from
Sherman, Scott—what Victor recalls that Scott's name is
Sherwood, Joe—the hero of Gertie's television play The Sunset Also Rises, Joe is an out-of-work writer who begins work on a comeback story for Norma Dismal
Sherwood, Scot—world-weary owner of Scot's Cafe Mirage, formerly of Pittsburgh and an old flame of Roberta
Simmons—elderly gardener for the Singers on Bedside Manor (at least as originally written)
Six O'Clock Circus—children's show featuring Tightrope Taffy (played by Celia) and Custard the Clown (played by Mackie)
Sky High—Hilary's first and last musical theatre performance
Smith, George—aspiring actor working at the Buttery; he takes Mackie's place after Mackie injures his throat, and ends up playing the part of Elizabeth Marlow's torrid love interest: a daring step in 1940, since George is black
Smith, Jane—a secretary for a downtown Pittsburgh legal firm, Jane is despondent enough to climb out on the ledge of the Glickman Building where she works, threatening to jump, but calls WENN before she does and the cast successfully talks her back inside
Smith, Warren—name Mackie asks to be called by when Palermo Racine visits the station
Smokehouse Joe's Restaurant—a barbecue place in Monroeville, it becomes an inadvertant sponsor of Tell It to the Judge
Snell, Walter—a nosy newspaperman who writes a column called "Snoops and Scoops"
Snithing, Doris—name Hilary gives to herself when she pretends to be her own theatrical agent
Snively, Doris—Hilary mistakenly refers to her agent by this name at least twice
"Snoops and Scoops"Walter Snell's column
snow conesScot's father told him you judge a city by these treats, so Scot came to Rabat for the frozen waters
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs—WENN is dramatizing this fairy tale the day Penelope Cominger visits; Mackie plays all seven dwarfs, in this version named after days of the week
"Some Good News, Some Bad News"—Episode 16 (Season 2, Episode 3)
"Some Time, Some Station"—Episode 44 (Season 4, Episode 1)
Sound Stream—a series Scott sells to Merrick Mattresses when the station is off the air; it is, basically, static
Sounds Dangerous—an audio travelogue Victor had asked Cutter Dunlap to do when he worked in New York
Spaetzle—the German-accented butler who works for Norma Dismal
Sperry and McGurk—two con men who left Scott holding the bag in a fake H2O gasoline scam
Squealie—a stool pigeon Link took care of just before Palermo Racine's visit to WENN
Stanley, Drake—supercilious lawyer who claims Hilary owes Jeff $100,000 in damages (she was a detriment to his career); he's quite susceptible to a pretty leg
"Star in Stripes Forever, A"—Episode 35 (Season 3, Episode 9)
steel mills—Jeff worked three summers there
Steel City Ale—accidental sponsor of Alan Ballinger's appearance on Magic Time
Stepney, Mr.—landlord to Lazlo Iojeck
Steubenville, Ohio—Mackie was forced to find employment with Palermo Racine there when he was just a young actor, as the Michigan Mummers and Minstrels went into bankruptcy while playing there
Streibling, Mavis—heroine of the book The Strange Loves of Mavis Streibling, dramatized on an edition of A Book at Bedtime
"Strange Bedfellows"—Episode 21 (Season 2, Episode 8)
Strange Loner, The—successful network Western series starring Gavin Landru as the title character and Joseph Grayhawk as his American Indian companion, Rondo
Strange Loves of Mavis Streibling, The—book being dramatized on A Book at Bedtime during Ted E. Peck's visit; Celia played Mavis Streibling and Mackie her lover, the pianist Sergei
"Strong and Silent"—song Maple sings for the broadcasting audience (and, it looks like, also for Mr. Foley!)
strongbox—the code name and phone number of Victor's contact has been left by him in a hidden strongbox in his desk; Pruitt had removed this name from the box and replaced it with his own, but it is finally revealed the contact was Jeff
Sunset Also Rises, The—Gertie's television play written for a $1000 prize offered by Excelsior TVs
"Sunset Also Rises, The"—Episode 54 (Season 4, Episode 11)
Sunset Avenue—the old radio station where Norma Dismal lives is on this street
Supper With Hilary Booth—dance music and recipes are featured on this dinner-hour program hosted by Hilary
"Surf and Turf"—Gertie procures this delicacy from the Buttery, but in reality it's only clams and pot roast
Susannah, Miss—schoolmarm determined to find out the identity of the Masked Man
Swan Lake—Eugenia and Mr. Foley use music and sound effects to present this ballet on radio
Sweet, Edna—the distaff half of Sweet Supplies, who prefers her plays in a dramatic vein
Sweet, Mr.—owner of Sweet Supplies, a hardware supply house, he was born in Babylon, Long Island, and longs to bankroll a Broadway comedy
Sweeties—new sugar-sweetened cereal sold by the Big Breakfast company
Sweet Supplies—hardware supply house owned by the Sweets

237 Beaumont Street, Apartment 4B—Maple's address
Tailored Woman, The—Pittsburgh women's shop that seems to sell dated and unattractive clothing
Tale of Two Cities, AMerrick Mattresses insists Betty do a 15-minute adaptation of this Dickens' classic
Tales of Tension—WENN mystery/thriller series
Taming of the Screw, The—the name Euripedes Moss chooses for the supply catalog he will write for the Sweets
Tell It to Santa—a yearly Christmas program on WENN in which children are invited to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what they want for Christmas; Santa is usually played by Mackie although Jeff has subbed in the role
Tell It to the Judge—Mr. Eldridge acts as the judge and Mackie and Scott as opposing attorneys, while real-life small claims cases are tried in this WENN series
"Thanks a Lottery"—Episode 45 (Season 4, Episode 2)
"There But for the Grace"—Episode 4
1313—WENN's office number
This Family Robinson—an adaptation of The Swiss Family Robinson done on WENN
This Girl's Kinfolk—a bucolic family drama starring Hilary as the innocent heroine Becky, Mr. Eldridge as her grandfather, and Mackie as her Uncle Charley (later Maple as Becky's sister Trish)
Thomas Eldridge with the News—show Scott created for WEEP which features Mr. Eldridge's very subjective take on current events
Thompson, Doug—the only member of WENN's legal firm who listens to the radio, Doug asked Betty for a date, which was almost aborted by the debut of Brainstorm; Scott considers him a serious rival for Betty's affections; Betty later entrusts him with part of the secret about the strongbox (its existence)
Thorndyke, Willis—WENN's sound engineer for the It's Your Nickel program
Thorwell, Professor—he's created Formula KL9366 to counteract the zombie serum in an episode of Amazon Andy
Thunder—the Masked Man's horse
Tightrope Taffy—high wire daredevil on Six O'Clock Circus, played by Celia
Time on My Hands—neophyte Betty's mistaken title for The Hands of Time
Timmons, Jane—heroine of Jane Timmons, Registered Nurse, about a heroic nurse during the Great War who performs bravely under fire
Tobias, Karl—Hilary's elocution coach
Tobor Brothers Floorists—Scott trades a refinishing job on the floor in Studio B to the Tobor Brothers for a free advertisement
Tome of the Tomb, The—horror suspense series that includes in its annals the tale "Don't Look Now," an infamous production from WENN's past
Tommy of Tibet—a character played by George Smith during Mackie's absence
Tom Sawyer—Hilary plays Tom and Betty is Joe in this dramatization of the Mark Twain classic
Traditionalist Party—political party which Hilary represents when she runs for the city council
Trans-Siberian Mail Service—Scott once worked for them (or so he claims)
Travers—the British butler to "Mr. and Mrs. Singer" on Bedside Manor, played by Mackie
Treadwell, Head Nurse—works with Young Doctor Talbot
TrishBecky's sister in the drama This Girl's Kinfolk
Tumley, Mrs.—Hilary's old piano teacher, who never charged a fee, whom, of course, Hilary does not remember
Two Can Live as Cheaply as One—a series starring Scott and Maple, it presumably (from the title) is about young marrieds

"Ukelele Lady"—a bright Hawaiian-tempo song sung by Eugenia and Betty during Amateurs on Parade
Utica, New York—Betty attends a radio conference here, leaving Mackie in charge of the station; Hilary once did summer stock here

Vagabond, The—one of WENN's afternoon programs, a favorite of Angela Colton; the hero shares champagne and romantic stories and songs with his female listeners and is played by Mackie
"Valentino Speaks"—Episode 10
Valiant Journey—WENN soap opera featuring Daphne Danvers, played by Hilary; other characters include the loyal Phillip Crandall (Mackie), the not-to-be-trusted Leonard Manley (Jeff and later Scott), the scheming maid Gwendolen (Celia and later Maple), and the dashing Captain Rex Manders, also played by Jeff
valerianCharles Abernathy is putting this herbal sedative into the (decaffienated) coffee so the cast won't be able to finish their record-breaking marathon
Vallee, Rudy—Victor jokes to Charles Abernathy that the only previous records WENN has broken were by this crooner; the humorless gentleman doesn't understand his humor
Van Buren GrillCongressman Farraday asks Maple to be his guest at this restaurant where he is making a speech; other attendees include Archbishop Chanin and Mayor Humphries.
Van Winkle Coffee—brand of decaffienated coffee Charles Abernathy serves to the cast in an effort to get them to fail to set the endurance record for broadcasting a dramatic program
Varick, Todd—his father owns the Varick theatre chain and he hires Celia to publicize some Blondie and Dagwood cartoons
Velvet Vanities—a vaudeville show both Maple and Alan Ballinger (then Alan Brixton) appeared in, Maple as a fan dancer, Ballinger as an unsuccessful comedian
VelvetRance Shiloh's stealthy horse, so dubbed by Mackie since they are broadcasting without sound effects during Mr. Foley's illness
Venetto Carbonated Wines—a sponsor of Sam Dane, Private Detective
Vengeance is Mine—Victor's modern-day adaptation of Hamlet, featuring Sam Dane, Private Detective (Jeff), his uncle Claude (Mackie), his mother Queenie (Hilary), and his "moll" Phoebe (Celia); Mackie is the announcer
Verdun—Mackie fought in this battle of World War I
Victor Comstock Memorial—Scott has a student of Raymond Hood (designer of the RCA Building) design a memorial for Victor, which he and Betty plan to put in Victor's home town; the money for the memorial is being skimmed from the Bridal Bouquet sponsors—Pruitt cancels this edifice after he fires Scott for embezzling the money
Victoria Palace—the address Scott gave Aunt Agatha to write to him in London; it's a vaudeville house
Virginia Malt Vinegar—owned by Guy Darcy

Wartime Entertainment and News Network—or "WENN"; WENN becomes the flagship station of this organization, with Victor designated to be at its helm, after Pearl Harbor, and will create programs for the Armed Forces Radio Network
Wee Mary MacGregor, Veterinarian—series about a spunky Scottish vet
Weekend in Pittsburgh, A—Thursday through Sunday series that advertises entertainment events going on in the city that weekend; it was sponsored by Monogram Records
WEEP—a small Pittsburgh radio station (520 on the dial) with whom Miss Cosgrave makes a deal with—WENN performers must also provide programming for WEEP, but as she finds out, it must be original programming because of federal rules about duplicate programming in the same city; WEEP subsequently also wins a Golden Lobe award
WendellCora names her baby this after the child is born at WENN
W-E-N-Nterprises—corporation Rollie Pruitt had shunted the ownership of WENN to; its original principal stockholder enforced retirement age and did not care for women executives
When in Rome—Betty wrote this epic script, combining all of William Shakespeare's Italian plays, while in mourning for Victor (some women knit, she types); it's used for the marathon broadcast and sponsored by Merrick Mattresses
What Ales You—a small tavern Mackie likes to frequent; they serve ale by the yard
What's Wrong With This Program?—Mackie creates this game show series on the fly to cover up the fact that Victor has asked him to broadcast a morning program at 8 p.m.
"Who's Minding the Asylum?"—Episode 7
"Who's Scott Sherwood?"—Episode 29 (Season 3, Episode 3)
Wide World—magazine read at WENN
Wilburforce, Brian—Hilary's indolent—and now ex—theatrical agent
Wilson, Wallace—owner of Wilson's Watches, sponsor of WENN's timecheck
Wilson's Watches—sponsor of the time check on WENN, owned by Wallace Wilson
Winchell, Walter—this famous newspaperman/radio reporter supposedly gave Hilary an enthusiastic review
Windsor Pipe Tobacco—a sponsor of Sam Dane, Private Detective
Winslow—Hilary's middle name
Winslow Enterprises—this organization places an ad for Hilary in the local newspaper, urging the Pittsburgh Radio Achievement Awards committee to vote for her; it is, of course, headed by Hilary
Winthrop, Mr.—head of the local Orphan's Home, he offers Angela Colton a lift to WENN and asks Victor to speak to the children about a broadcasting career, but a misunderstanding sends him fleeing the station; he returns once again and has yet another misleading conversation with a WENN performer, this time Hilary
Winthrop, Bradley "Luke"—younger (we assume) brother to Mr. Winthrop, he comes to WENN for help in raising $1000 to save the Orphan's Home from foreclosure; he's also the president of the Barbican Hotel for Single Women review board
Woman's View on the News, A—Hilary stars in this 15-minute commentary series
Wong's Mandarin Beer Garden—Pittsburgh restaurant featuring Chinese/German food; it has a reputation for being noisy
"Work Shift"—Episode 52 (Season 4, Episode 9)
World Almanac 1939—Betty hides the key to the hidden strongbox in this hollowed-out volume, which she tells Pruitt was a legacy from her deceased aunt
"World of Tomorrow"—Episode 13: first season finale
World of Tomorrow—a series sponsored by American Way Greeting Cards, features the Jones family, who were placed in suspended animation until the year 1980, where they live in the futuristic "world of tomorrow," with flying cars, atomic ovens, and one-day workweeks; Mackie is the father and Hilary plays the mother, with Celia as the daughter
World's Fair—in this case, the 1939 New York World's Fair, which featured such exhibits as the Futurama, and saw the debut of a fairly new invention, television; Scott brainstorms an idea to have WENN produce a show to be broadcast at the World's Fair on its closing day
WPTR—a local station that features Cocoa Cabana
WTN—Philadelphia station WENN considers a competitor; Scott mentions he had a friend there

Yale Club—Evidently high-class organization frequented by Rollie Pruitt and his "chums."
YasmineHope Holliday's roommate in the series Hope Springs Eternal
"You Make It Christmas"—another hit Christmas single from Gloria Redmond
Young Doctor Talbot—medical drama on WENN, featuring Jeff (later Scott) in the title role
Your Gym with Eugenia—half-hour exercise show hosted by Eugenia; in 1941 it is nominated for a Golden Lobe award
"You've Met Your Match"—Episode 46 (Season 4, Episode 3)
You've Met Your Match—WENN game series, sponsored by Walden Chocolates where couples chosen by random chance are treated to a free dinner and then return to the station to tell about their experience; so far one marriage and two engagements have been the result of the pairings
Yvonne—Brooklyn-accented gun moll (played with a bad accent by Hilary) of the Crime-Breakers series

Zanish, Trevor—the producer of Amorous Airwaves, the movie in which Celia got her big break; he already has Celia working in another film

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