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This page is being prefaced by a simple, earnest statement: the fans of Remember WENN would like a legitimate DVD release of the series and are willing to pay whatever reasonable costs are involved in legitimately producing such a series. We would love it if the series had "extras," like commentary, outtakes, a documentary on the series—but the simple fact is that we would accept the series even in "plain vanilla" format if we could just have a legitimate release. Those of us who taped the series have worn the tapes out and/or transferred them to DVD—and would still purchase a legitimate release.

But we know there are fans out there who didn't tape it and now regret it. The requests of these fans show up on tape trading sites, on newsgroups, on web forums. The market is there—but they cannot purchase what does not exist. We would very much like it to exist.

And in a market where every television series imaginable is being transferred to DVD, from long-running series like M*A*S*H and The Waltons to one-year, obscure series like Good Morning, World and Fractured Flickers, the absence of Remember WENN in the DVD market is that proverbial bitter pill indeed.

So while I do not condone bootlegging, this page is an attempt to let those folks without carefully hoarded and cared for videotapes know where to find the series until a legitimate source comes on the market. In the now cliché line from Field of Dreams, build it and they will come!

In the meantime:

Several sites offer DVD copies of the series for sale. None of them are legitimate, and no, I cannot recommend the quality of the video or the honesty of the sellers on any of them: "You pays your money and you takes your chances." I have had one warning from someone to avoid an outfit called DVD Planet. But if you search on Google, the sites are out there. Thankfully, the prices have gone down on these sets.

Torrents of the series are available. I have tried for years, and simply cannot get my head around how a torrent works. Those of you who are rolling your eyes and saying "But it's so easy!" can read the following from WENN fan Michael Crawford and catch up with the series via torrents:

...concerning bittorrent...For those who are interested, many tutorials can be found online. Essentially, you download a small .torrent file from a website, which is then opened in a bittorrent client (just check download.com - there are tons of good free ones). The bittorrent program uses the .torrent file to connect to a server that links your computer with other users who have the same file on their computers. You essentially download a large file (in this case, a RW episode) in tiny pieces from lots of people instead of all at one from a single site. It's slower than direct download, but it allows large files to be shared over time without one single person having to host a large .avi on their web server.

We've had some people generously upload WENN torrents to the yahoo group, and I'm trying to mirror those and others at:


Of course, this method is only as good as the number of people who are seeding the file, so check it out!

The last I heard, about half the episodes had been torrented successfully and more were coming.

Lastly, some kind person apparently has uploaded all 56 episodes to Google Video in .avi format. These are of a small screen size, presumably because of upload/download speeds, but I have checked some of them out and they are watchable until we get a DVD release. Whomever posted them has them listed under "WENN 1.1," "WENN 1.2," "WENN 2.1," etc., the season being the first number and the second number as the episode. "Christmas in the Airwaves" is in two parts, so there are actually 57 of them.

Here's a link to the first episode on Google video. If you click the "More from User" link at right you can see that all the episodes are posted.

Sadly, another site that had much better copies of the episodes had to pull them. We do not know who requested it.

This is just a stopgap. AMC, we're out there. We're willing to pay you for a DVD set. Let us prove it to you.


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